The VDEE pursues the goal to promote the appreciation of this profession and to point out the attention to the services of high quality which are based on well-founded and skilled knowledge in the businessline.

The association provides information about the professional group, the standards as well as conventions of serious heir finding and disbursement of estate cases.

The VDEE pursues also the target to support the work of its members and to develop a trusty co-operation. Furthermore, the VDEE represents the interests of this professional group to the outside as well as at the political level and towards official institutions, public and religious bodies. At once the Association of German Heir Finders should also be a contact point for public authorities, institutions, attorneys, notaries public, law officers, curators and administrators of estates, journalists and pretenders to estates.

Other objectives of the VDEE are the reinforcing of the professional image in the field of commercial heir finding, a common press and public relations, the observance of a committed behavioural and codex of honour, further development of the competence and advanced training of its members as well as the co-operation with European and international associations of heir finders.

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